I would like to give a massive shout out to all the companies that support or sponsor The Birder’s Guide, it keeps the show going.

If you want to buy a book or product that you hear about on the show please show your support by purchasing from one of my supporters.

Swarovski Optik: Arguably (although not a very difficult argument) the best birding optics you can buy. My 10×42 NL Pure’s are hands down the best binoculars I’ve ever looked through. My backup pair, which belong to one of the other top 3 optic companies and cost me $1,500 don’t even come remotely close. Add that onto the ATX/STX/BTX setup and you’ve got everything you need and you’ll never have to worry about gear envy again!

Woodslane Books: Woodslane were the first distributer to offer to support The Birder’s Guide, their range is huge and includes a ton of books not related to nature if that’s also your thing. Definitely worth a browse on their website.